Curtis Township Library (CTL) is located in western Alcona County, in the heart of the Huron National Forest, and serving the villages of Glennie and Curtisville.  Curtis Township Library is the 8th smallest public library in the State of Michigan based on population served.   The township has a population of 1236 and CTL has 766 active patrons – which means nearly 62% of the population have used their library card within the past 2 years.  The Library was established in 1992 and the current 3800 square foot building was constructed in 1998 with 100% grant funds and community donations.  Our 6 library board members formed the core of a volunteer construction crew; their dedication to improving library services in our township was honored by the American Library Association in 2005 with the national Excellence in Small and/or Rural Library Service Award.  Since our grand opening in 1998, we have been able to expand the library’s scope of services far beyond what our library board ever envisioned when our new building was in the planning stages. 

Library currently provides the following services to the Curtis Township Community:

  • WiFi 24/7 that is accessible from the parking lot
  • Free DVD/Music CD/Audio Book check-outs
  • Fax and copying services
  • Inter-library Loan Services
  • Community Programs
  • Testing Site (must be arranged with school)
  • Community meeting room
    • used by community groups for meetings
    • school uses 
      • Has been Summer School venue for local students & .)
      • Testing Site (must be arranged with school)
    • Available for event rental
  • Labyrinth with butterfly garden
  • Geocache site
  • Coming in 2021: Seed Library